Repair Kit For Heritage Clotheslines - FD900850

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Out of Stock Until Early January
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The Repair Kit is suitable for the following Clotheslines:-

Out of Stock Until Early January

  • Heritage 6 Line (Newer Model)
  • Heritage 7 Line (Newer Model)
  • Heritage 4 Hoist (8 bolts only)
  • Heritage 5 Hoist (8 bolts only)

NOTE: If your existing Clothes Hoist has a metal gear and pinion, this kit will not suit your Clothes Hoist. Also if the packet has been opened it is not possible to return the item.

1 x Pinion
1 x Handle

1 x Crown Wheel
1 x Conical Nylon Washer
1 x Stabiliser Plug
1 x Pinion Cover
1 x Spring
1 x Thrust Ring
1 x Worm
1 x Screw M8 x 45mm

Item Code: 100584
Product Code: FD900850

The installation instructions can be found by clicking this link: Repair Kit Assembly