Receiving Bracket Assembly for Extenda & Everyday Retracting 4 & 6 - FD903589

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The Receiving Bracket is suitable for the following Clotheslines only:-

- Extenda Retracting 4 
- Extenda Retracting 6
- Everyday 4 New models
- Everyday 6 New Models

The above Clotheslines have a bar 25mm square

NOTE: There are no screws included in this product, it is the Bracket only.

NOT Suitable For The Following

- Extendaline Ultra 4/6
- Quatro 4/Sietro 6

Not interchangeable with Part No 80106453

Material: UV resistant plastic and Steel bracket

Item Code: 2747327
Product Code: FD903589

The installation instructions can be found by clicking this link (NOTE: Instructions do not come with the bracket): Receiving Bracket Installation Instructions