Repair Kit For Heritage Clotheslines - 100584

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The Repair Kit is suitable for the following Clotheslines:


  • Heritage 6 Line (Newer Model)
  • Heritage 7 Line (Newer Model)
  • Heritage 4 Hoist (8 bolts only)
  • Heritage 5 Hoist (8 bolts only)

NOTE: If your existing Clothes Hoist has a metal gear and pinion, this kit will not suit your Clothes Hoist. Also if the packet has been opened it is not possible to return the item.

The Handle is available as an optional extra

1 x Pinion
1 x Crown Wheel
1 x Conical Nylon Washer
1 x Stabiliser Plug
1 x Pinion Cover
1 x Thrust Ring
1 x Worm
1 x Screw M8 x 45mm

Item Code: 100584
Product Code: FD900850

The installation instructions can be found by clicking this link: Repair Kit Assembly